Extreme Droughts Scientists Technoscience

Climate warming is beginning to cause the havoc that I personally anticipated already in /, when I was part of the editors of the First National Climate Program and later of the First Climate Commission in Spain. Linear thinking already prevailed. While I personally defended that the so-called climate system was not linear, but complex, so the current predictions would not be fulfilled. Except with regard to warming at the “global level of the Planet” (which does not necessarily by regions). I insisted and insisted until I managed to add the Scientists Technoscience increase in magnitude and frequency of droughts and floods . However, at the international level nothing changed . Decades later, some experts already recognize the non-linearity of the system. Its unpredictability in many ways. And it is visible. We suffer from its non-linear effects . Due to their location in the geosphere. The world’s Mediterranean biomes are in an extremely delicate position in the structure of atmospheric circulation.

The Mediterranean biomes are located precisely

on the border between the first and second mentioned cells . A northward shift of the Hadley cell would lead to an expansion of subtropical environments, generally dry or semi-arid. It is a very crude scheme, but as a coarse-grained Sweden WhatsApp Number Data structure it is useful. Especially for beginners and didactic topics. As shown in the map that gives rise to this entry, Mediterranean climates are located at the same latitudes of the continents and precisely on their western facades . Let us also keep in mind that in South Africa and Chile its extension is very small, but the effects of droughts began years ago. In Australia the heat wave and droughts began a few years ago, causing unprecedented havoc. Little can be added. Since it is located south of the great Outback desert. North America (California) and Europe deserve special mention.

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It suddenly spread north to once unimaginable enclaves

We have had to wait a while for the same thing to happen in Europe, with similar consequences : a large number of fires, drought, and terrible heat waves in northern situations. Once unsuspected as well. This for me is an unequivocal symptom of climate change , yes, the one that I already predicted in the early years of the last decade of the last century. This fact does not mean that in the next summer such a situation of heat and water Ecuador WhatsApp Number List deficit will occur or be overcome. Since I reiterate that non-linearity implies sudden jumps that are link in themselves to the well-known interannual Mediterranean climate variability . It is assumed that little by little progress will be made. I am not proposing scenarios that do not usually come true. The drier the climate.