Execution of urban rulings

I share an interesting article on the execution of urban rulings in which I have participat together with Mr. José Enrique Candela Talavero, Secretary – Comptroller of the Local Administration- and Rocío Molina Pelegrina -Public Law Lawyer at PwC-. It has been publish in the Aranzadi Doctrinal Magazine, April , pages to Next, a general summary of said article is out. Outlining the key issues. What does the execution of sentences in urban planning matters consist of? In general terms. It is worth remembering that the execution of sentences in general and in urban planning matters in particular. Is one of the powers.

The significance of the constitutional guarantee

Resulting in It is key to know that compliance is not safeguard simply by examining whether or not it affects the public interest. Since in our rule of law that higher public interest is the basis of jurisdictional power. Regulation of the Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number Data execution of sentences In the matter at hand. It is  the execution of sentences is regulate (articles to ). The urban planning crime and the control of urban planning Article of the LJCA states that the actions of the administration are null and void when they are issu with the purpose of avoiding compliance with the sentences.

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Execution of urban rulings Which to observe

At the same time, regarding urban planning licenses contra legem.  It should be noted that acts carried out without a license or in violation of its determinations. The demolition order must be agreed upon. When it clearly appears that the Senegal WhatsApp Number List construction of the work is completely outside the planning. and are not legalizable or remediable. Those cases in which there has been a rebellious will of the active subject. A work carried out against a license or without a license cannot be demolished if four years of municipal inactivity elapse and there cannot be a waiver of the prescription gained.