Edafoinspiration and its Applications in Industrial Engineering

I suppose that many of you already know the meaning of what is currently calledĀ  and/or bioinspired systems . We are talking about being inspired by biological structures and processes with a view to building efficient in Industrial Engineering devices applicable to the manufacturing of industrial products/processes . More specifically Bioinspiration is the development of novel materials. Devices and structures inspired by solutions found in biological systems and biological evolution and refinement that have occurred over millions of years. The goal is to improve biological system modeling and simulation to achieve a better understanding of nature’s critical structural features. Such as a wing, for use in future bioinspired designs. Bioinspiration differs from biomimicry in that the latter aims to precisely replicate the designs of biological materials.

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Soil systems can offer opportunities in the same way as bio-inspired ones . Today we will present a press release that accounts for this. Although the authors did not even realize this fact. When more than two decades ago, various scientists realized the importance of heterogeneous porous media , soil scientists had laid the foundations to be able to inspire some creative scientist . But it did not happen , even though I immediately became aware of its potential Belgium Mobile Number Database application. Informing by email a former acquaintance and important international expert in materials sciences. I did not receive an answer! However, little by little. Materials science experts have become aware of the properties of certain porous materials and their application to industry. In the first instance. They have been addressing synthetic structures in which the porous structures (that is, the pores) are of the same size . And this is where the contributions of soil scientists come into play.

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Accumulating repeatable patterns that are already considered classic regularities . Below I show you the most relevant posts that we have published on the subject, so I allow myself not to make too many links in my entry. I ask you to read these contributions at the end of the post. Both theĀ Dominican-Republic Phone Number List distribution of particles according to their size, as well as that of aggregates and pores, follow the same laws. These are fractals or multifractals , both belonging to the most generic class called long-tail distribution . In simpler terms, the size frequency distribution increases as particle, aggregate, and pore sizes decrease. That is, for example, there are many more small pores than large ones over several orders of magnitude. And it is precisely such a pattern that determines the circulation of gases, water, and nutrients in a highly efficient way.