Easements in Administrative Law

I understand this as the lien impose on a property (servant property) for the benefit of another (dominant property) belonging to a different owner. Regarding easements, as indicated in article of the Civil Code, they can also be establish for the benefit of one or more people, or a community, to whom the encumber property does not belong. In Civil Law we find easements classifi into the following groups: property and personal easements , on the one hand, and legal and voluntary easements , on the other. With regard to legal easements , they are a frequent figure in administrative law , specifically those related to those establish for the defense of the public domain. These administrative easements are reflect in administrative law regulations, such as Law / , of July , on Coasts when dealing with protection easements , include in its article and which establishes that this will fall on an area of ​​ meters.

Measured inland from the inner limit

The transit easement , include in its article and which establishes that this will fall on a strip of meters, measure inland from the inner limit of the sea shore; as well as the access easement , provide for in its article , which is an easement of public and free access that will fall on the lands Canada Mobile Number Database adjacent or contiguous to the public maritime-terrestrial domain, in the length and width demand by the nature and purpose of the access. . The administrative easement is also reflect in Law / , of July , on Highways , which regulates in its article a specific easement, the highway easement . This easement of (state) roads will consist of two strips of land on both sides of them, delimit internally by an area that will be public domain.

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In this road easement area

The Ministry of Public Works, without prejudice to other concurrent powers. In addition to legal easements, in administrative law we can find others that are constitute by administrative act and that are subject to the Albania Phone Number List compensation regime provide for in the Law of December , , of Force Expropriation , such as the expropriation of land when it is declare of public utility or the imposition of the right of way by the Administration for the construction or modification of other public accesses to the sea and parking, as well as the expropriation of land to build a state highway of public utility as a road easement. The ruling add that “it is true that the provision is word in a way that, in its pure literality.