Drunken Soils Against Droughts?

I always thought ethanol was a strong disinfectant . Weren’t you taught the same thing? Well, apparently not so much. Unless the authors of the study we show you today (two press releases about the same study) had reached an overwhelming level of intoxication and wrote the results of the study somewhat “happy.” Frankly, I was baffle, since the other option was to laugh out loud. Should we drunk the soils to make them more resistant to drought? I have been checking the internet and I have only detected a stimulating effect on anaerobic microorganisms. As well as the effects of flooding. Well, to my amazement. Let’s suppose that it is true??? . Let us anticipate that the treatment with % ethanol as applied by the authors is equivalent to the level of a beer.

Adding ethanol to soil protects crops from drought

These colleagues note that: “ Adding ethanol to soil allows plants, including rice and wheat, to thrive after two weeks without water. As ethanol is safe, cheap and widely Canada WhatsApp Number Data available, this finding offers a practical way to increase food production around the world when water is scarce. Without the need for expensive, time-consuming and sometimes controversial plant production. genetically modified Knowing that plants produce ethanol when deprived of water, they reasoned that giving it to the plants would protect them from future droughts We found that treating common crops like wheat and rice with ethanol exogenous can increase crop production during drought . that regulate the drought-stress response,” says Seki.

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The solution is composed mainly of water

The destabilizing element in drought conditions . The treatment must be applie throughout the study area. Which involves enormous areas and, as a corollary, enormous amounts of water and alcohol. Droughts are not usually very local precisely, affecting large areas. In the same way, the water deficit that Australia WhatsApp Number List causes this disaster is certainly not very predictable, as is nothing relate to the climate and the frequency and magnitude of extreme events. Such as droughts. That is, you can know the onset when the water deficit has already begun, however it may rain the next day. Therefore, in most cases. The “hydro-alcoholic” solution would have to be implemented when this resource is in greatest scarcity. Even for human consumption. If so, ethanol will have to be purchased.