Do companies need to have Civil Liability insurance?

Having Civil Liability insurance is not mandatory for all companies, but it is more than recommended. And this insurance will respond if the company causes, with its activity, any damage to third parties, whether they are natural or legal persons. Professional activities must if they have a legal obligation to have Civil Liability insurance appear in the Civil Code. They are both companies and self-employed people who carry out the following activities: Healthcare professionals. Insurance brokers. Elevator technicians and maintenance companies. Entertainment and show companies. Sports facilities. Public transportation and schools. Restaurants and hotels. Travel agency. Having Civil Liability insurance protects the company’s assets. This gives peace of mind to managers, employees and professionals when carrying out their work.

Civil liability insurance for companies responds

When the company itself or its employees, carrying out their work normally, are the cause of any damage to third parties. If those who have caused the damage are not company workers, but rather subcontractors or external collaborators of the company, each one must have their own Civil Korea WhatsApp Data Liability insurance policy to cover the damages caused by their activity. What does Civil Liability insurance for companies include? Civil Liability insurance for companies is flexible and adapts to the company’s risks. It may include different coverages depending on the company’s activity and its needs. Basic coverage includes: Civil liability for exploitation . Protects the company’s assets against claims from third parties for damages caused by the mere development of its activity.

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Professional Civil Liability

Protects the company’s assets against claims from third parties for solely economic damages caused by the company’s professional activity. This guarantee should only be contracted by companies such as law firms, consultants, insurance brokers, registered professionals, etc. Local Civil Liability . If the company is located in rented premises or facilities, any damage it may cause to those rented premises will Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List be covered. Civil Liability of contractors . If, due to the company’s own activity, it needs to work with subcontracted companies, this guarantee will cover the damages caused by these companies during the performance of the tasks for which you have hired them (in the event that their insurance is not enough to cover the damage). Civil liability for work accidents (also called employers’ liability).