Agriculture and Family Gardens Diversity and Food Security

We must ask ourselves and honestly answer what we have gained and what we have lost by transforming food production into a global company, in which maximizing productivity and the search for economic benefits are the end in themselves . The two press releases that I provide you today attest to this. Economic globalization, and as a corollary also agrarian globalization , has destroyed large areas of sustainable geographical spaces, and generated Diversity Food Security food insecurity in the world . Family farms and gardens provided abundant benefits, both nutritional and ecological, and above all food security . On the contrary, industrial agriculture , manipulated by the large agro-industrial and food lobbies.

The obtaining of food and other raw materials

The inclusion of these industrial lobbies and government institutions that encourage the eradication of local varieties and the implementation of those that are most profitable “at that moment” gives rise to an enormous loss of both Italy WhatsApp Number Data species and genetic diversity . In the same way, small owners must acquire goods that they previously produced , to obtain them in the intrinsic insecurity of the market economy . Many of these small farms included fruit trees and other trees, both within them and on their edges, while today we see insubstantial monotonous spaces. That is to say, abundant species are replaced by the products and varieties that the market demands with a few and often artificial ones (transgenic, etc.), often due to pure fads. The posts we have translated today.

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How many novelties and promises they advertise

Loss of ecosystem services . In one of the studies, we talk about the plethora of indices that have been proposed in the literature in this regard, although I will soon offer you one that is extremely simple and that anyone can apply with internet data. This latest publication unquestionably shows that the same people always win in the Austria WhatsApp Number List face of the inexorable Law of San Mateo . Read both news items as they are extremely illuminating. Economic Bobalization becomes the globalization of poverty . Juan José Ibáñez Keep going. A study concludes that agricultural diversity has a positive impact on food security by the Alliance of Bioversity International and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture Agricultural diversity can be an important driver of food security.