Chronicle of a surprising discovery announced

We have been proclaiming it on this blog for years and I personally have been proclaiming it for more than twenty years. After reading an article by French researchers who analyzed the biodiversity of the region’s hot spots and the underlying soils . The Magazine in Spanish was called “ Scientific World ”, the Spanish version of Recherche. Which was like Research and Science , in the case of Scientific American . What the French colleagues discovered discovery announced was neither more nor less, that these hot spots of biodiversity were located, not on the acidic and poor soils representative of the Amazon, but on others very rich in organic matter. Elevated above the ground and whose origin It seemed anthropic.

It was the explorer Francisco de Orellana who

Crossing the Andes and the Amazon, spoke of culturally sophisticated people and disconcerting agriculture, although no one believed him . His name was rescued from oblivion when the debate on biochar began , that enigmatic Indonesia WhatsApp Number List secret of pre-Columbian agriculture that science cannot understand, much less reproduce . It was a corrector. Rather than a fertilizer, that improved the properties of the soil to retain water and nutrients, much superior to the region’s own natural edafotaxa . Well, in a recent article that I reproduce below. They mention that we will have to rethink what the true origin of the Amazon rainforest was.

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Who have also contributed a lot of valuable

The existence of pyramids and the proximity to the Inca culture leads me to think that the empire whose remains we see today in the highlands that separate the Pacific from the Amazon basin. Covered a large part of Latin America . It’s just a guess, but there Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List are other indications that lead us in that direction. Therefore, not only would it be necessary to review the past of these wonderful landscapes. Today jungle, but also about the origin of the Amazons. If agriculture was inevitable in the future of human beings (since it has been rediscovered in several regions of the world ).