Direct exploitation concessions in the right of mines

A mining exploitation concession is the authorization that the Administration grants to an individual so that they can carry out the use and exploitation of a mineral deposit , with the exception of those that are reserved to the State. II.-Regulation Direct mining exploitation concessions are regulated in Title Chapter IV, Section (articles to ), of Law /, of July , on Mines , concatenated with the provisions of Title V. , Chapter IV, Section (articles to ), of Royal Decree /, of August , which approves the General Regulations for the Mining Regime , and with the provisions of articles , and of Law /, of November , modifying the Mining Law . III.-Competence The right to use Section.

Processing The mining concession may

Applications for mining concessions for exploitation will be processed. The same manner as established by the Mining Law with respect to research permits, that is. Presenting the corresponding work . The budget of the Vietnam Telegram Number Data investments to be made. The economic study of its financing with the guarantees. Offered regarding its viability. In addition to other documents established in the mining regulations (e.g., memory-summary of the Environmental Impact Study of the project for the purpose of carrying out the corresponding environmental impact evaluation procedure), but replacing the research project with one of exploitation of the resource that is intended to be exploited and incorporating a technical report that certifies the origin of said request. Furthermore.

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It should be noted that there is the possibility of granting

land (this does not prevent a research permit file from being promoted on the rest of the surface ). On the other hand. The State may oblige the concessionaires. Their investigations or to carry out the use in the manner and extent France Telegram Number List that it deems appropriate given that causes of national interest arise . Non -acceptance or non-compliance by the owners will lead to the expiration of the concessions. Where appropriate, the expropriation of the existing facilities. In the event that any type of water collection is obtained as a result of the work carried out by the owners.