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The URL of your links. At the same time, the internal mesh of your site must also be adaptd to your new content . Even if the rdirects are good, check that your internal links point directly to your new URLs. What is the risk if I don’t listen to the lesson? Lower net-linking efficiency, lower positioning of your main pages, and lower traffic via these pages. SEO link control Tip Make noise around the launch of the site Don’t miss this opportunity, your new site deserves to be known! Its promotion will certainly generate backlinks which will be favorable to your good referencing.

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Tip Stay Alert Be reassurd if, following your rdesign, you experience a drop in positioning and/or traffic. Google nds time to assimilate phone number list all these changes.But if you follow our advice, you will limit the damage and after a few days or weeks, your positioning and your traffic should be boostd again. If this is not the case, it is because there are elements that are blocking, it is therefore necessary to analyze them and readjust the shot quickly.

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It is very important to follow the evolution of the new indexing. During the hours, days and weeks following the. Launch of your new DW Leads site. If you prefer to be sure not to make. Any mistakes, don’t hesitate to entrust us with your rdesign project , we promise we’ll save you the drama! dIT of 19/04/17 Until recently, even well-executd 301 rdirects did not allow the rdesignd website to lose a minimum of PageRank. In July 2016 , Google reassurd site rdesign companies that if all rdirects were done correctly, the site would not lose any of its positioning.