Damages suffered by viruses and computer attacks are excluded

To cover this type of damage, it is necessary to take out cyber risk insurance that compensates for losses and helps recover data and the business as soon as possible. Below are some of the coverages that cyber risk insurance can offer and that vary depending on the insurance company: Cover the costs of restoring the server access control system. A technical service (in some cases 24/7) to restore the service and be able to access the server as soon as possible. Cover the costs of malware decontamination. Cover data restoration and recovery costs. Compensate for loss of profits. Cover economic damages caused to third parties due to alteration, destruction, loss or theft of information or data. Payment of sanctions for non-compliance with the RGPD or the LSSICE.

Assume legal defense and payment of bail

In order to contract cyber risk insurance, the company must meet these essential conditions: Have an updated antivirus. Make backup copies of the information you handle regularly. Have personnel trained in IT security and cybersecurity (whether internal or external) who take all reasonableĀ Belgium WhatsApp Data measures to protect the business. Have completed the complete adaptation to current data protection regulations (RGPD, LOPDGDD, etc.) Recommendations from cybersecurity experts Cybersecurity experts recommend all companies take the following measures to minimize the risks and damage from a cyber attack: Ensure that there is physical security. That is, the servers are in a safe and guarded place.

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Hire specialized consulting services that verify

The company’s compliance with the RGPD and the LSSICE. Have a backup system, make sure these are done regularly and check that said system works without errors. Have updated antivirus. Change passwords periodically. Have the operating system and applications used in the company updated. HaveĀ Greece WhatsApp Number List business continuity plans and test them periodically. Train employees in cybersecurity and data protection.When we talk about entrepreneurship, we automatically think about developing a product or service that works in the market. However, frequently due to ignorance or rejection, we leave the legal part aside.