Crawl Outage – An Update and What We’re Doing

Howdy folks! I wish I was writing you with better news, but in the spirit of TAGFEE, we want you to be as informed as possible about your PRO membership:

Due to a major PRO web crawler service outage that occurred on Friday evening, crawler-related PRO features (link analysis and crawl diagnostics) are currently disabl. However, rankings, on-page optimization, and all tools except Crawl Test are functional.

It’s our best estimate that we will have all service functionality restored by Thursday, Sept. 29., however full historical crawl data will not be available until Monday, Oct. 10. We will be doing our very best to beat these estimates.

So what the bleep happened

Amazon turned the lights out on us. Well, not exactly—I’ll explain. We host a number of our web applications from Amazon Web Services (AWS). For many of these hosts we pay a fixed rate per hour, however AWS offers an alternative Germany Electronic, Electrical Manufacturers Email List Business Fax List billing model called spot instance pricing. Spot instance pricing is a method for purchasing excess computing power from AWS at a respectable discount. Everybody wins, we get a great price for the hundreds of computers we use daily while AWS is able to sell a resource that’s otherwise just sitting around idle.

But the use of spot instance pricing

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Comes at a risk: the computers hosting your DW Leads services are only allocated to you as long as there is still excess capacity and that no one else is willing to bid more for those hosts than you are. If someone comes along offering to pay more, then AWS may revoke your hosts without any warning, leaving you to rebuild your services from scratch. This is not so bad if you can ensure you have enough computers left to still service requests… and therein lays the problem.