Covered damages may be caused by defects

In manufactured products, accidents in work spaces or rented facilities, damage caused by subcontracted companies, or damage during product storage. Each policy is adapted to the needs of the insured company. Civil Liability in Construction Construction is a professional sector that requires caution due to the machinery, materials and professionals involved. It is essential to insure possible damages to third parties to guarantee business continuity and avoid damage to the company’s reputation. One of the main guarantees in this type of insurance is the Civil Operational Liability coverage, which is essential for this sector. This coverage protects against damage caused by subcontractors, the use of vehicles and machinery, work with hazardous materials, and damage to property or other spaces near the job site.

This insurance covers Cross Civil Liability

Which is when the insured is responsible for damages to personnel hired by subcontracted companies that work on the assigned work or carry out work not covered by the work’s own personnel. In both construction and industry, companies and professionals must consider Environmental Qatar WhatsApp Data Responsibility, since some activities can damage the natural environment due to gas emissions, accidental pollution or spills. Law 26/2007 on Environmental Responsibility obliges companies to take measures to prevent and repair damage to the environment. They must return damaged resources to their original state. Companies, organizations or professionals affected by this law must ensure the restoration of the environment.

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The owner of the economic or professional activity

Is responsible for the damage caused. He must pay for prevention, avoidance or repair measures. This responsibility is administrative and is imposed by the public administration. From the civil or criminal liability that may also apply. Civil Liability for business and culture.  Commercial activities, entertainment, cultural and sporting events carry risks due.  To the number of people who attend and the possible Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List modifications in the rented spaces.  As well as the personnel who work in different areas. So, one of the main protections of this type of insurance is subsidiary Civil Liability. Which covers damages to other people caused by subcontractor companies or freelancers who work for the company or professional that has the insurance. The insurance policy must include Civil Operating Liability to cover damages to third parties caused by the insured activity.