Configuring Extraction Parameters

In this shot I’ve opened the custom extraction settings and have set the first extractor to xpath. I need multiple extractors set up, because multiple thread titles on the same url need to be grabbed. You can simply cut and paste the code into the next extractors — but be sure to update.

Notice as Well

I’ve set the extraction type to “extract text.” this is Automotive Dealers, Gasoline Service Email List typically the cleanest way to grab the information needed, although experimentation with the other options may be required if you’re having trouble getting the data you need.

Grabbing Xpath code

To grab the actual extraction code we DW Leads need (visible in the middle box above):

Use chrome
Navigate to a url with the content you want to capture
Right-click on the text you’d like to grab and select “inspect” or “inspect element”
Ssd:private:var:folders:m2:wh1vdy452ps54mq15f_w0jlh0000gn:t:x5zahv:google chrome.Png
Make sure you see the text you want highlighted in the code view, then right-click and select “xpath” (you can use other options, but I recommend reviewing the sf documentation mentioned above first).

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