Conducting Effective and Regular One-on-Ones

There are a number of ways managers can ensure they are doing everything they can to keep their employees happy and therefore productive. Sometimes this requires the moon, and sometimes this requires a new chair. But sometimes, it only requires a good discussion and reassessment of goals – or, an hour of your time. What’s important is that you know what it takes, and how you can reach them, and that you take action. After my own one-on-one’s with Kate Matsudaira, and a few interviews, I was able to put down in writing her method of effective one-on-one’s, and personalized management.

One-on-one’sat SEOmoz, are a valuable asset to all of our employees

Quite simply, these meetings are consistently regular. The frequency and duration of the one-on-ones is at the manager’s discretion, however  are typically weekly and at least 30 minutes long. All of the team managers at SEOmoz conduct one-on-ones, and therefore every employee has a guaranteed opportunity to voice needs and praise. Below are some useful ideas you may want to keep under your hat the next time you are in a review with one of your employees.

In conducting one-on-ones, the goal is to move Chemicals Manufacturers Email List beyond your role as a manager, and be an available ear for your teammate. In a room, with the door closed and pen in hand, you are all ears and eyes while sitting across from your teammate, ready to discuss and resolve performance concerns, and just generally talk about work. Not only are you setting goals in these meetings, you are also tracking their progress in achieving these goals; making you their biggest fan!

One-on-ones also help you establish what kind of manager you are, and need to be

This is the time to talk about what you can do DW Leads to be a better manager, and learn what habits you have that either are or are not conducive to a Dd Leads productive work environment. Therefore, the one-on-ones are meant to be exactly that – a push and pull meeting where goals, complaints and praises are heard and resolv.

There are lots of things to pay attention to in these meetings and below is a list of considerations to help you make them more effective.