Computers without requesting express authorization is a serious mistake

This already came in the 2020 version of the AEPD Cookie Guide. Therefore, right now it is sanctionable and there is no moratorium on the imposition of sanctions. In one of the latest sanctions published, PS-00080-2023 , the fine imposed by the AEPD amounted to €12,000 . Therefore, the sooner you get to work to completely adapt your business website to the current cookie regulations, the better. You will avoid scares.The lawyer’s professional civil liability is another type of professional liability, derived from a contract to provide services. This contract generates for the lawyer an obligation of means, not of result.

That is, the lawyer must act in accordance

With the rules of the trade (Lex arti) with due diligence, but is not obliged to obtain exactly the result expected by his client. For this reason, issues such as: when it is considered that there has been negligence, in which cases the client must be compensated or how the damages caused by the Vietnam WhatsApp Data lawyer in the exercise of his activity are quantified are the cause of many claims and lawsuits. What is the obligation of a lawyer? The jurisprudence is clear in this regard, between a lawyer and his client the contractual relationship that exists is that of a provision or rental of services. Therefore, the lawyer’s obligation is to perform these services (judicial defense or advisory services.

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The duty of judicial defense constitutes

The lawyer is not obliged to ensure that the action taken is successful. But rather to exercise it correctly.  So the fact that he does not have judicial success does not necessarily imply that there is professional negligence. What are the rules of the trade (Lex artis)? In fulfilling the obligation of judicial Panama WhatsApp Number List defense. He professional must adhere to respect for the Lex artis (the rules of the trade. This expression refers to the technical rules of the legal profession commonly accepted and adapted to the particular circumstances of the case, and must act with the average diligence reasonably required according to its nature and circumstances.