Public contracts carried out irregularly

It usually happens quite frequently that the contractor to whom a public contract is award, by direct order of the acting Administration. Carries out extension actions outside the Tender Documents or the sign contract. The problem comes when the contractor requests payment from. The Administration in question and it.  Whatever reason, ends up not paying for such work. Once said contractor initiates a procedure aim at collecting the amounts owe. It is usually found that the Administration in question either denies that said work was out. Indicates that they are irregular actions that are the specifications.

They are not susceptible to being paid

This last assertion turns out to be contrary to Law. Thus, our Courts of Justice have tirelessly emphasize that actions order by an Administration. Execute by a contractor in good faith. Even when there is no contract in accordance with regulations. It is irregular, must be paid, under Taiwan Mobile Number Database penalty of that the Public Body in question incurs what is commonly known as “unjust enrichment without cause.” For all and as an example: Judgment of the Contentious-Administrative Chamber of the Superior Court  which literally sends the sentence to the Administration to pay in the following terms: «That said, base on the recognition that the Administration itself makes of the facts and the possibility of influencing.

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The doctrines on which the appellant relies Public contracts

The unpaid works, it is appropriate. The need for further considerations, to uphold the appeal file for the claim amount of €,, for the works out, amount to which late payment interest must be add for the delay in the payment of the different amounts and legal interest Armenia Mobile Number List accrue from the date of the claim when it falls on a fully determine amount. This fundamental characteristic imposes that. It not necessary to demonstrate in order to demand responsibility that the owners or managers of the administrative activity that has generate damage have act with intent or guilt.