Can mining rights be transferred or assigned

The transfer of mining rights consists of the transfer. Lease or encumbrance in whole or in part to other natural. Legal persons of the rights granted in a Section. A resource authorization (those with restricted commercialization. Whose sole use is that of obtain fragments of appropriate size and shape for direct use in infrastructure or construction works). Exploitation of resources in Section B (mineral waters, thermal waters or underground structures). Exploitation of Sections C and D (general deposits, radioactive minerals, geothermal resources), or a research or exploration permit or through an exploitation concession.

It should be noted that the authorizations

Regulation The transfer of mining rights is contemplate. Title IX (articles to ) of Law on Mines, as well as in Title IX (articles to ) of Royal Decree of August. Which approves the GeneralĀ  Regulation for the Mining Regime and Law of November. Modifying the Mexico WhatsApp Number Data Mining Law. Authorization Sections A and B For the transfer of mining rights corresponding to these sections. Authorization must be requested from the Provincial Delegation of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge. Attaching to the application: The draft contract or the transfer title.

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Once the personality of the acquirer has been corroborated

The granting body will grant the authorization, but this will be conditional on the presentation at the Provincial Delegation of theĀ Portugal WhatsApp Number List public deed. Failing that. A private document with a legalize signature of the agreement of wills -contract- establish. As well as the payment of the corresponding tax. In order to procee with the registration of the new owner in the Mining Registry. It should be note that the acquiring person must be oblige to adapt the exploitation obtain to the limitations set by the Provincial Delegation in terms of mining safety and environmental protection.