Best and Longest Types of Distro T-Shirt Screen Printing

Types of T-Shirt Screen Printing – Before designing your own t-shirts or opening a distro business, make sure you know several types of t-shirt screen printing first. Why? So that the t-shirts that will be produced are of high Best and Longest quality. More durable and longer lasting. Please remember. It is not easy to determine the types of t-shirt screen printing so that the results look good. Each screen printing method also has different characteristics. Starting from the method of application to maintenance. You need to pay attention to quality t-shirt materials so that the screen printing process you carry out can be created well. Besides each screen printing ink has its own characteristics. Choosing the wrong choice between t-shirt material, ink type.

The following is a list of the best types

Plastisol screen printing has better color quality, is brighter, lasts longer and sticks well to t-shirts. The price of screen printing ink is relatively expensive. The disadvantage of plastisol screen printing is that the screen printing results will easily be damaged or peel off if exposed to high or excessive heat, for example when ironed. One of the UK Telegram Number Data maintenance tricks for ironing this t-shirt is to iron the inside of the t-shirt. Rubber Screen Printing Rubber Screen Printing Also commonly known as rubber screen printing. Rubber screen printing is a type of t-shirt screen printing that is commonly used in Indonesia. This screen printing has very good adhesion to t-shirts. It is quite elastic and is classified as a screen printing ink material with a cheap price.

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Even complex designs can be printed well

Flocking screen printing does not use ink. Uses fine and soft powder or color powder. Want to get premium looking screen printing? So you should try this type of t-shirt screen printing. The disadvantage of flocking screen Indonesia Telegram Number List printing is that the choice of powder colors is limited, and you cannot use more than one color, i.e. you can only screen print one color. It is recommended to use a t-shirt made from thick material, because thin material will make the t-shirt look ugly, stiff, and not give a premium impression. Glow in the Dark screen printing Glow in the Dark screen printing Glow in the Dark screen printing One type of screen printing that is popular among young people.