Audience democracy in Bernard Manin’s principles

We present you a very interesting article by our collaborator José Enrique Candela Talavero. Secretary-Comptroller of the Local Administration. He offers us a great reflection on the new form of government that is emerging thanks to modern media. Bernard Manin’s work “The Principles of Representative Government” is channel through the relationship and connection between the representative and the represent, which enables him to recognize the existence of four criteria on which to base his analysis in a period in the history of political systems of representative essence, in which concern citizens and busy in their production tasks trust and delegate to representatives through their election, the government of their people. Such realities are represent by the following principles.

Legitimized by the election

The citizens in the State and their legal position, after obtaining their trust, turns them into mechanisms at the service of general purposes. We are in a system of representative democracy that is define by being indirect and limited, since the people after voting remain outside the government and voting is the only action with immediate effects in the formation of the Malaysia Mobile Number Database representative government, which means little participation in life. democratic. Likewise, Bernard Manin will present the existence of three types of representation in line with its political dimension; of an electoral type or model that he also calls “audience democracy”; parliamentary model known as  and the mass model configured as a party democracy. Each one of them presents its own notes that differentiate it from the others. Regarding the electoral model, Manin’s study has allowed it to be a reference.

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It is an audience democracy that causes a strong

distance between the electorate and the political party; less connection with its ideology and electoral program, which will lead the voter to decide their vote based on criteria managed by the partisan media to obtain the vote through them, such as the personality of the leader, finding us, according to Manin, far from the real representative system and of a true democracy. We have Senegal Phone Number List gone from traditional democracy to a democracy in which the main subjects, the political parties, focus part, if not all, of their machinery on the control of the media, deciding all their policy in search of the vote, which that triggers citizen participation in social and political life as subjects with their.