Applications of SERS-based agricultural sensors

The implementation of sensors is currently very fashionable in so-called precision agriculture . Regular readers are also well aware of my opinions and reluctance about replacing field knowledge with uncritical technology . I do not doubt that technological progress is very useful in certain contexts and specific practices. However, what causes me personal panic is observing that more importance is given to the use and learning of technological instrumentation to the detriment of in-depth knowledge of the objects of study. And such a techno-scientific attitude relegates the genuine learning of students and young students to the background. This fact seems very serious to me . In this case we talk about soils, their management and agriculture . Sensors are instruments, plain and simple.

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After more than half an hour searching for material on the Internet (Spanish), frankly the contents are scarce, poor and biased, since in the vast majority of cases they are Web pages of the technology companies themselves that try to sellĀ Russia WhatsApp Number Data such instrumentation at all costs. , whether necessary or not. That is, propaganda, which, as in everything that concerns technoscience , is full of fake news in this post-truth era . However, I should not ignore current events, facts, nor my own biases. The press release turns out to be a very succinct summary, about an original article in English to which I do not have access. I hope that lovers of new technologies find the information useful. This is this news item.

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Review of SERS-based sensors for agricultural applications

The Chinese Academy of Sciences A research team led by Professor Huang Qing at the Institute of Intelligent Machines, Hefei Institutes of Physical Sciences (HFIPS) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) analyzed theĀ Kenya WhatsApp Number List research and applications of SERS-based agricultural sensors in a paper in revision. Published in Trends in Food Science & Technology , this review provides a useful guide to the development of optical spectroscopy detection technology for smart agriculture . Surface-enhanced Raman scattering/spectroscopy.