Are Others Already Implementing It?

I hate the united states culture of consumerism and keeping up with the joneses. Why do we feel the need to spend money that we don’t have to buy things we don’t want to impress people we don’t really like (paraphrase from here)?but you can be sure that https is something google wants to and is beginning to reward.

The same thing happens in digital marketing. If we see someone implementing something, we should rightly ask “Why are they doing that?”, then make our own decisions.

The interesting thing — just like with

Impressing our neighbors — is that sometimes (but not always) they will have the inside line on something great that a) you can afford (aka get done Electronic, Electrical Manufacturers Email List for your company) and b) is in line with your personal strategy and values (aka you’re true to yourself). Https is one such example. If you’re a business with customers (which all of you are, because how do you make money without customers?

If you can, I’d like to speak with you)

Then you care about them and want them to be DW Leads safe and happy. While https takes time to deploy on large websites, and can have very real challenges as wired is learning the hard way.

Finally, if you see something rolled out and not many people are implementing it, ask why. If it’s because it’s difficult technically but you can get it done fast and it’s true to your strategy, then get it done — it’ll help you get ahead of the pack. If it requires a huge undertaking, however.