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It can be a one-time promotion, a completely new collection of products, a unique offer, a tailor-made service or all the values ​​that the brand has. Depending on the purpose of the ad and the target group, it may have a context: humorous – it will certainly be easier to remember and even surprising; interrogative – syntax for some reflection; imperative – indicates a specific way of behavior; declarative – presents some arguments; informative – communicates information about products and services. Social advertising and its tasks Let’s remember that there is another, separate type of advertising, namely social advertising.

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Usually, it defines a social problem and is intende to sensitize the audience to this situation. Social advertising can be controversial – it has Latest Mailing Database its own rules and aims to attract the attention of the public. Most often it manifests itself in a questioning, imperative or declarative form, and its message should absolutely not be passive. Social advertising affects the emotions of recipients and shows a high degree of persuasion. Elements of the advertising message on the example of a well-known brand Let’s take a closer look at one of the most current advertisements to show how it is presente in an unusual way.

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It is certainly memorable, but does it carry only positive connotations? We are talking about the advertisement of the Meia Expert chain of stores and the already cult slogan “We turn on low prices”. For many recipients, this ad has become DW Leads a kind of trauma, due to the frequency of publication. What was suppose to be a hit certainly stuck in the audience’s memory, but after a while it became unbearable. Even though this is a large advertising campaign that includes various messages in the form of moving visuals, it always contains the same message “We turn on low prices”. Pleasant, melodic form is friendly, kept in a cheerful tone.