Among the measures it establishes we find

A framework for the exemption from liability of intermediary service providers. Rules on due diligence obligations. Rules on cooperation and coordination with competent authorities. Thus, this Regulation implies new obligations for providers of intermediary services provided through the Internet. Who is affected by the Digital Services Regulation? As can be seen in article 2 of the Regulation, this will apply to intermediary services offered to service recipients who have their place of establishment or are located in the European Union. Therefore, it does not matter where the providers are established since, if their service is offered to recipients residing in the EU, this Regulation will also apply.

Intermediary services mean the following services described

In the Regulation itself: A ” mere transmission ” service consists of transmitting, on a communications network, information provided by the recipient of the service or providing access to a communications network. A ” cache memory ” service consists of transmitting through a communications network Greece WhatsApp Data information provided by the recipient of the service, which entails the automatic, provisional and temporary storage of this information, provided with the sole purpose of making the subsequent transmission of the information more efficient. the information to other recipients of the service, at their request. A ” data hosting ” service , in which data provided by the recipient of the service and at their request is stored.

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Obligations established by the RSD Concern about

The matters covered by this Regulation is present in the EU Member States. Which are adopting, or considering adopting, an increasing number of national law rules on these matters. Thus, this Digital Services Regulation especially regulates the diligence requirements of intermediary.  Service providers Brazil WhatsApp Number List with regard.  To how they must deal with illicit content, misinformation and other risks to society. Among the obligations that this Regulation imposes on the obligated subjects. The following stand out: Social networks must allow users to exclude.  Their preferences from being taken into account, thus being able to avoid certain algorithms being applied to them. Illegal online content must be controlled.