All the reasons to have sick leave insurance

It is evident that, unless you have a good financial cushion. The amounts that we have seen remaining are insufficient to survive and continue meeting the.  Fixed expenses of your business. Therefore, the first reason to take out sick leave insurance for the self-employed is to be able to maintain your home, your family and your business while you are on sick leave. In addition, it is also possible to concentrate several very useful coverages for a self-employed person in a single insurance policy: Coverage that corresponds to health care insurance , to receive medical care from the best professionals without waiting lists. Provides the provision of medical-surgical services in cases of illness or accident contemplated in the policy.

Coverage that corresponds to health insurance

The insurer pays daily compensation (income) during hospitalization, convalescence and, optionally, for other situations (surgical intervention). In the event of absolute permanent disability, a single compensation agreed in the policy is also received. Some sick leave insurance also includes Indonesia WhatsApp Data death insurance among their coverage . The daily income that the insurance will pay in case of sick leave is added to that received from Social Security. With the payment of sick leave insurance, the insured receives more benefits in the event of illness or accident than if they only increased their monthly Social Security contribution.

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Civil Liability is the legal obligation that a company

Startup or self-employed person has to repair (or compensate) damages caused to an individual or another company. And while carrying out the normal activity of a company. Sometimes unforeseen events or accidents occur that cause damage to people or companies or their properties. In that case, there Belarus WhatsApp Number List is the responsibility to pay for the damages caused. Given the uncertainty of the amount of this repair. Civil Liability insurance for companies was created , whose objective is to protect their assets against any claim. For damages in the development of their normal activity.