Agrarian Tsunami in Europe and the Green Deal

Science has been demonstrating that industrial agriculture is unsustainable. Contaminating the planet, promoting climate change, generating loss of biodiversity (including that of pollinating organisms essential in food production, etc.). Likewise. The perverse effect of pesticides on health has been demonstrate in thousands of scientific studies : the same can be said for the contamination of water (including aquifers), soil , food and much more. Consequently. The Unite Nations Organization agree. After arduous and difficult deliberations, on the so-call “ Sustainable Development Goals ” and finally “ Agenda ”. With a lot of effort. The European Union achieve.

Some cry out mainly against the application

The current law on the food chain, and they are largely right. While others do so quietly for their exclusive benefit and/or even for political purposes. Among them, for example, some are calling for financing to be Sweden Mobile Number Database sought to alleviate the effects of the drought. Many should be reminde that in Spain, for example. There are more irrigate lands that are fed by illegal wells than those that are really legal. Even at the cost of almost irreversibly damaging some of the most important national parks in the country and declare World Heritage Sites. It is also worth remembering that such water demands are largely responsible for a water collapse that affects us and could lead to the collapse of the entire Hispanic lot.

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Someone should explain to us citizens how

Medium-sized farmers and ranchers are forced to sell at a loss and in the end, and given the precarious economy (the European Union is on the verge of deflation or economic stagnation ), consumers They are seen and desire when it comes to Denmark Phone Number List being able to pay the price of food in the markets. Given the decline in the quality of life. How is it possible that the value chain practically kidnaps most of the money? . Either the EU and the governments clarify this fact for us, or they should not be surprise that we distrust their good intentions and at least their governance capacity.