When and how can the Administration necessarily

The forced execution of administrative acts constitutes one of the fundamental actions of the Administration. Through it, a decision adopted internally is materialized, which directly affects the personal sphere of the administrator. Said enforcement is carried out by the Administration itself since it has the necessary powers to do so. In this way, thanks to declarative self-protection (as immediate legal effectiveness) and executive self-protection (as the capacity to act ex officio). The Administration can execute its acts itself without the need for prior judicial declaration. And the above, even if the person affected by the forced execution of the Administration’s decision, takes some resistance.

Every general rule has its exceptions

Thus, for example, in the event that it is required to enter the home of the executed person and he does not give his consent. The Administration must request judicial authorization (article of Law on Administrative Procedure Common of Public Administrations, hereinafter). II.-Regulation The regulation of the forced execution of administrative Indonesia WhatsApp Number Data acts is included in Chapter VII “Execution” of Title IV “Provisions on the administrative procedure” of the . Specifically in its articles to . Suspension of forced execution In accordance with the provisions of article of the LPACAP. The forced execution of an administrative act may be suspended when so provided by a norm with the force of law.

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Legal means of forced execution In accordance

We proceed to analyze each of them minimally and individually. Pressure on heritage. In accordance with article of the LPACAP. The enforcement procedure is specifically provided for the purpose of satisfying a Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List liquid amount owed to the Public Administration in question. The procedure to carry out the satisfaction of the debt is regulated in articles et seq. of Law  of December. General Tax (hereinafter LGT) and consists of the following phases: Initiation. It is initiated ex officio through the so-called Order of Compliance. Offering the person obliged to pay a last opportunity to make the payment of the amount owed voluntarily. This is a prior declaratory act duly notified to the individual (STS of December Contentious-Administrative Chamber, Section ).