What does it tell us about today’s society?

About thirteen months ago the news hit all the media in the world. AI with natural language and Chatbots invaded all the news and we are still like this. The battle began with some brief news that soon turned into thousands, hundreds of thousands and now, surely, millions. We are not going to talk in this post about its risks and benefits for humanity, since we do not even know them exactly. We have also commented that about today’s society science has no morality, and its products can be used for good or evil . They are the two faces of science . Therefore, and knowing the risks involved in its development, growth and commercialization grew exponentially without any control. Meanwhile our authorities continue thinking, late and never, to regularize the use of such technology.

They say that man is the only animal

I disagree, since we have no limits to fall “ad nauseam” into all the sinkholes that we ourselves create . Below I leave you a sample or list of news for those who want to delve deeper into the topic. The first beneficiaries, of course, are the big technology  companies that are obtaining billions of extra profits , launching their products to the world, without Switzerland WhatsApp Number Data the slightest guarantee of what they can do, neither for evil nor for good. Flagrant frauds have already been detected that affect the scientists themselves, the rulers and, of course, the general public . And of course, to the press news itself as well. Subsequently, part of the scientific community has found another ecological niche to be able to discuss, theorize and nonsense, about it but also.

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Byzantine discussions disguised as wise

The technology and information society has made a qualitative leap, either forward or backward, without taking action on the matter and almost inadvertently. I am amazed at the huge number of scientists who (claim to be at the forefront) of what? They will say fashions! No? We are like children with new toys. The problem is that these little toys France WhatsApp Number List could lead to the collapse of civilization and we would watch as calmly as if it were just a piece of science fiction. Let’s hope that’s not the case. It’s the only one we can do. And then we never tire of appealing to goodness over the precautionary principle . What a great fallacy! Now, what is already evident is that we live in a misguided world.