A New Soil Concept Backed by Physical Sciences and Nanotechnology?

It is not the same to engage in experimental research, and even more so if technological applications can be derived quickly from it. Than to do so on the theoretical foundations of a discipline. Theoretical scientists typically produce less in terms of scientific publications . However, applied research cannot exist without another basic prior on which it is based . It is obvious that both approaches cannot be separated by an impassable wall.  Since the permeability between the two is frequent, necessary and healthy. It is also true that in physics and mathematics (the so-called hard sciences ) theorists have always enjoyed great prestige and reputation, but in the experimental sciences the opposite is true. At least in practice. Generally, only the senior provosts of the establishment are allowed to theorize, so it is logical that, in one way or another.

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The history of science recognizes that great ideas generally emerge during youth, not after one’s forties. And this is the case, among many other disciplines, of soil sciences . However, science advances by qualitative leaps, most of which come from novel ideas. Which generally arise Taiwan WhatsApp Number Data suddenly from the mind of some heterodox head for his time. I have no doubt that citizens do not fully understand the importance of the soil resource. Since , contrary to what they usually think, it is far from being a heterogeneous and almost random mixture of mineral grains. Organized matter. Organisms, water and air . Hence, many colleagues appeal to the use of metaphors such as soil functions or quality. With a view to exposing to laypeople the importance of this natural resource.

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We will not go into this post to discuss a topic

I already offered my point of view.  Some years ago, in previous installments. However, many soil science professionals insist on not understanding that this type of teleological concepts, in their broadest sense, cannot and should not be used for the aforementioned purposes. And so, in the Finland WhatsApp Number List face of such ignorance. Some of them, very famous colleagues, look for a concept definition that is based on the aforementioned words . I have thought a lot about the issue, until I could find a possible solution. It is about exposing a rigorous concept of soil from which these metaphorical words can be easily derived, but which never form part of its formal core . I will outline the idea even though I know that a more formal proposal would require a soil physicist and a biochemistry expert to collaborate with me.