Agrarian Tsunami in Europe and the Green Deal

This short series of posts is the one that is the most difficult for me to write. As it was also the most difficult to understand. I apologize in advance as it may offend sensitivities. Although that is precisely what I am trying to avoid. I would like the majority of citizens and agents involved to understand the constructive message. However, suspicions are almost inevitable in these matters. Unfortunately. Here we go with the first post. I also hope the Green Deal that it is read from Spanish-speaking countries. Since they suffer similar situations. The links to the news that I link below will be more or less the same in all the posts. Please keep this in mind. I want you to have this documentation from the beginning. Of course, like any mortal. My mind is biased by ideology. I do not doubt it, nor do I try to be as objective as possible in the face of this limitation. Again “my sincere apologies.

From what I have read so far

I have spent several days and too many hours. The economic crisis that affects farmers is simply outrageous . and, “in principle. They have every reason to protest, at least in general .” The discomfort has not been the response to a Poland Mobile Number Database recent situation, but rather they have been complaining for a long time . When producing a certain food product and putting it on sale costs farmers. To give a virtual example, euro and is marketed to consumers for or , it speaks very badly of the law of the food chain that currently governs. in Europe, or at least its application . There are many, too many farmers who sell at a “loss. Meaning that , in the long run. They will have to close their businesses and properties.

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That some countries throw away

Generates indignation in the affected citizens and, as a corollary, resentments that should never occur, since they give rise to anti-European (or anti-community) attitudes. I am convinced that political-ideological interests are hidden behind the door. I would tell the European agricultural world that it is the worst way out of the France Phone Number List anguish that, if not all of them, a good part of them suffer . And this is where the title of this first post comes from: “ Unity is strength ” versus “ divide and conquer .” This is the opposite strategy to the one that the author (Robert Wright), defender of economic globalization, defended in his classic book “ No One Loses: Game Theory and the Logic of Human Destiny.